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Vancouver Maternity Photography

Winter Maternity Session at Cypress Mountain

Aida Miri Photography offers outdoor maternity sessions as well as in-studio sessions for the Winter season. We really enjoyed this winter session with snow on Cypress Mountain. This beautiful mom was very brave to wear a dress in the cold and pose in the snow! But it was totally worth it for these gorgeous images. For winter outdoor sessions I try my best to be quick and have warm jackets ready to help mom keep warm. This does not mean that we will get less images by any means. You will still receive a beautiful variety of photos.






Holiday Family Mini Sessions in Vancouver

Hi Everyone!

Holiday season is almost here and Aida Miri Photography is excited to be hosting 2 days of Mini Sessions in her Kitsilano home studio on Sunday November 12th and Sunday November 19th. Open to families with children up to 9 years old. Each family will be photographed with two different set ups ( one regular for family shots and one Christmas theme for children only). Up to 2 adults and 2 children due to the size of studio.


  • 20 minute studio mini session
  • $200 includes the session fee and 8 final digital images of your choice (Tax included)
  • 2 different set ups. Regular white for family and Christmas for children
  • Online gallery of the final images for download
  • More images can be purchased after the session
  • Up to 2 adults and 2 children ( 3month – 9 years)
  • No refunds after booking
  • Location: Kitsilano, Vancouver
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the session. Sessions are back to back and showing up late might cause in losing your time slot.

You can select your desired date and time from the dropdown menu and book your session. After your booking is done please send an email to with all the attendants names and age of children.


Here is the link to the bookings:


The address will be emailed to you once your booking is done. Free street parking available.






What can I bring into the event?

Please be dressed up and ready to start upon arrival. Holiday attire is recommanded! It is always a good idea to colour coordinate and match. Whites, greys, reds and greens are good options. There will be some Christmas props ready but if there is something specific you have in mind ie. balloons, Santa hats, scarves, signs, etc. please bring your own and consult with the photograph prior to the session


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Send an email to with any questions or concerns.


What’s the refund policy?

The sales are final and NON_REFUNDABLE. Please make sure you pick the right time and arrive 10 minutes early. Session fee will not be refunded if clients are late and/or miss their session. If you arrive late, that time will be deducted from the 20 minutes that is booked for you.


Can I wear shoes?

Outside shoes are not allowed in the studio due to hygenic reasons. If you like to have shoes for your photos please bring clean pairs with you and put it on for the session. No outside shoes please.


Can we change outfits?

It’s a good idea to bring two outfits for the children to get a variety if there is enough time. Unfortuntely due to the short nature of the session adults will not have time to do an outfit change.


How do I receive my images?

Families will receive an online proofing gallery between 5-7 days after the session. You can choose your favourite images from the gallery and the final edits will be sent to you between 10-14 days after your selection is complete. You have the option to choose more than 8 images for extra fees. All images are digital and clients will not receive any prints. The final gallery will include your high resolution images and you can have them printed at a printing shop.




Vancouver newborn studio photography – Baby R

Baby Raphael was a true angel! I enjoyed photographing this little bundle of joy a lot. Mommy is in the same industry and it felt great to create images for someone who does photography too. Parents decided to not use a pacifier, which is an essential for every newborn session, so daddy was very helpful with letting baby suck on his finger to settle.


We always honour parents opinions and decision. I want everyone to feel comfortable at their photo session and not feel pushed at all. I will never use a pose that is not safe for the baby and parents are not comfortable with and I will never insist on using a pacifier if parents are absolutely against it, even for a few hours. The session is about you, and your new baby and I want to create beautiful memories for you, both through the photo session and through my imagery.


Vancouver newborn photographer – Aida Miri Photography – Baby James

Vancouver studio newborn photo session:

I loved working with baby J and his family. Big sister was such a sweet girl. She was very cooperative and helpful. I could see the love and care she had for her little brother in every little touch or kiss. I always enjoy getting both sleepy shots and open shots of newborns. It allows for a variety of beautiful images for the parents to remember these moments by. And baby J was such adorable with those big curious eyes. Enjoy this selection of my favourites. Send me an email for session info if you’re expecting soon and want to get memorable images of your baby’s journey.



Vancouver Maternity Photo Session – Stanley Park – Newborns by Aida

Aida Miri Photography maternity session in Stanley Park:

I feel so blessed to be able to capture parent’s love for their baby. First time parents are the cutest. The patience, the unconditional love and the excitement is so raw and real. These special moments will be frozen forever and your baby will cherish them so much when he/she grows up.

I love it when moms bring one outfit of their own to the photo shoot. They feel comfortable in their own style and it’s just amazing to capture.

Stanley Park is one of my favourite spots to photograph moms and families. We were very lucky with the beautiful summer sunshine. This mommy was very brave with getting in the water, and it was all worth it in the end. Here is a selection of our final shots.

If you’d like to book a Maternity Session in Vancouver before the rain season is back send me an email:


Newborn Photo session Vancouver – Baby Ben

This photo session was perfect by all means. The parents were very relaxed and excited. Even though it was only 7 days after delivery and mom didn’t have the smoothest labour, they were happy to come to the studio and create these unforgettable memories. Baby Ben was one of the best babies I’ve photographed. He was very cooperative, slept almost through the whole session and we were able to get everything done sooner than usual!


I really want to emphasize the importance of doing a newborn session sooner than later. It might be difficult to get of the house that early, but when you see the results, it’s so much worth it. When you do the session in the first week or so, we are able to keep baby asleep for the most part. Babies are easier to pose when they’re sleeping, so the cute little poses that you’ve been saving on your Pintrest, we can take them only if baby is sleeping. Once they’re awake we can still get nice images with open eyes, but we might not be able to do most of the cute poses ( babies don’t like to stay on their belly, they move a lot, they like their hands in their mouth, etc.) The bigger and older the babies are, the more difficult to get them to pose the way we want for photos. I definitely recommend that if you are able to move around and get out of the house, book the session for the first week.


Here is some of our favourite shots from baby Ben with all his different expressions:





In-home Life Style Newborn Session – Baby J – Newborns by Aida

I just love doing in-home sessions! This gorgeous mom originally wanted to do a studio session but things got busy and we never set up a date for a newborn session. When she called me back after a month to do an in-home session I was very excited to be able to fit her in the schedule.

I explained how this session will be more like a life style session and it’s a perfect way to tell their family’s story. She was on board with my ideas. Baby J was 1 month old and doing the usual newborn posing would not be a great idea. So instead we worked around baby’s natural poses, bundling him, dressing him and placing him in his everyday environment. We got beautiful shots of baby and parents using natural light and the comfort of their home. Their two puppies were very fun to work with as well. The nursery didn’t have natural light so we ended up taking most of our shots in the parents’ bedroom. Baby J was very cooperative and I got to capture some memorable moments for his lovely family to cherish forever.

If your baby is more than 2 weeks old and you’d like to capture these moments without the hassle of forcing baby into poses that he/she is not comfortable in anymore, a life style session is your answer! You just have to make sure that your home gets lots of natural light. It’s best to consult with your photographer. Some time we think we get lots of light through our windows but it might not be an enough source for creating beautiful photographs.

I hope you enjoy these images. You can contact me for more info on in-home life style sessions.


Vancouver Newborn and Maternity Photographer – Baby Aria

I’m absolutely in love with this newborn session done at my home studio using natural light. Aria was such a sweet baby. She slept through out the whole session and looked adorable for all my shots. She was born a bit smaller than we expected so we had to wait for 2 weeks to get the photos done, but it was all worth it. She was a true angel with cute, chubby cheeks

Newborn photo session baby S – Vancouver

I had the honour of photographing this beautiful family with their newest addition to the family. They are very dear to me and spending time with this cute little girl in her second week in the world was just so rewarding. I hope you enjoy the photos. Baby S was perfect in her Newborn photo session.






What to expect from my Maternity Photo Session & how to prepare for it?

“What to expect from my Maternity Photo Session  &  How to prepare for it”

Newborns by Aida

Hello to all you beautiful women waiting to be a glowing mama. I’m writing this post to go over some guidelines for the best way to get ready for your maternity session and to hopefully take some of the pressure off your shoulders and help you look forward to this day instead of dreading it!

First off I cannot stress enough that this day is about YOU. It’s about you feeling gorgeous and beautiful and strong, so we want everything to be your way. You are about to become a mom, either for the first time or for the second or third time, and you have booked this session to treat yourself to a nice photo shoot where you and your cute belly are the stars. We want you to shine and be comfortable and embrace all the beauty that comes with becoming a mom. And it starts with that stylish bump of yours. So my first tip to you is not to be afraid to discuss with your photographer what your expectations are from maternity shoot. Have some sample pictures ready and tell your photographer what you want and how you feel most comfortable. If you’re not comfortable showing your belly we don’t have to show your belly. If you’re not a dress person we can take some fabulous shots with casual clothes. If you want flowers, we can arrange to have flowers… Whatever it is you want. we can make it happen because this photo shoot is about you. Now let’s get into some details:

When is the best time to schedule a Maternity Shoot?

There is no definite answer for this question. The maternity session is usually done between 34-36 weeks, when you can notice the belly but it’s not too close to the due date that we might miss the chance if baby decides to come early! Having said that, the date is really based on what you feel most comfortable with and how big your belly is. Some people want to show their big big belly so they schedule it closer to 36-37 weeks, and some moms like to keep the belly subtle and do the shoot while they’re still slim, then you can book it for 35-36 weeks.

How far in advanced should I book my Maternity Photo session?

The sooner you let us know the better. Even though a maternity session is not as time sensitive as a newborn session, it’s best to book it well in advanced because it is also more predictable. Once you know your due date you should be able to decide on the date for your maternity session, so why waste time and risk the chance of getting the date you want? Booking 2-3 months in advance is the ideal time to make sure you have a spot with me.

What is the best location for a Maternity Session?

I offer both in studio and on location photography so you’ve got two options. But I personally prefer on location shoots if the weather is not an issue.

On location means that we would pick a nice location like a park or a beach of your choice to do the session at. Depending on the time of the year we can come up with the best natural scene that suits your style. My personal choices are often Jericho Park and Stanley Park where you can take advantage of a green background as well as the blue ocean. Please note that if you’re doing an on location session the best time to schedule it is close to sunset for the nicest ambient natural light.

The other choice would be taking the pictures in the studio. I recommend this option for Very cold or rainy weather or moms who are not comfortable posing with their belly in the public. The photos will be more simple and minimalistic than the outdoor shots but no less beautiful.


What should I wear to my Maternity Photo shoot?

I usually recommend two sets of styles for your photo session, that way you can get a variety of shots to choose from later. You are spending the time and money on this, might as well get some different outfits and feel like a real super star, right?

With your session you will have access to our elegant maternity gowns (colours and styles might be limited so check with photographer before hands). You are more than welcome to bring your own outfits too. I would suggest using one of our gowns and then bringing one outfit of your own that you like. Just keep in mind that we want to show your belly as much as we can, so anything tight is preferable. Some examples are:

  • Jeans and button up shirt (we can leave some buttons open around your belly
  • Jeans and a tight top
  • Any type of tight maxi dress
  • Any length tight dress (lace is preferable)
  • Bralette and a skirt (tutu style is very cute)
  • Warm winter tight sweater or dress with leggings for cold weather
  • Any lace coverups or kimonos
  • Or we can just use a white blanket to cover some bod parts

Make sure you have a strapless bra with you and a couple of underwear ( one seamless to be invisible under dresses and one boy short for under sheer dresses or skirts). Keeping undergarment colour to nude and beige is the best idea.

If the session is outside you should bring comfortable flat shoes to walk in and you can bring an extra pair of heels for your photos if you’re wearing a short skirt. Boots look great for winter shots. If you’re having a studio session just bring one pair of clean heels in case we do a full body shot and you don’t like to be bare feet in the photos.

If you have your partner or other kids joining you in the photos it’s always a great idea to colour coordinate the whole family. Wearing the same colour theme outfits will give a nice look to your photos and emphasize the sense of family love.

DSC_5673 web

How long does a Maternity Session usually last?

At Aida Miri Photography the Maternity session is offered for 1 hour. An hour is more than enough to get all the variety of shots that we want. Make sure to arrive on time for your session. Each client gets their scheduled 1 hour so if you arrive 15 minutes late then your session will have to be done in 45 minutes and we hate to cut your session short. So please plan ahead and make sure you arrive at the right time. We will do different poses and use various props so you have a good selection to choose from.

What kind of props/accessories should I bring to my Maternity Session?

This is where we can get creative. You can discuss this with your photographer prior to the session to make sure you have everything. You can bring any props that you would like to include in your photos (i.e. flowers, flower crowns, balloons, signs, etc.) It is always a good idea to bring a chalk board to write some cute quotes or phrases on. Or any pre-made signs saying “baby boy/girl”, “expecting soon” of “family love”. If you have a picture of your latest sonogram bring it along. Also if you have a couple of clothing articles for your newborn they always look cute in the photos, for example, little shoes, hats or dresses.

Make sure to wear your wedding rings (if they fit you), and Do not forget to do your nails. We will be taking a lot of closeup shots and almost all the photos will have your hand on your belly and we want your fingers to look perfect. You can match your nail polish with your outfit colour for the best look.

PHT_42472 copy

Who should I bring to my Maternity Session?

Baby’s dad is always welcomed to the photo session. If you decide to bring your partner to the session we will take some photos of both of you and some photos of mom alone. If you have another kid(s) you can most definitely bring them to the photo session and I promise the result will be amazing. If you’re doing this on your own you are more than welcome to bring someone to accompany you, (your sister or a friend). But if you are coming with your partner please keep it to your immediate family as we want to keep the session to minimum number of people for maximum comfort, especially in the studio were things get a bit tight. Dogs are welcomed in outdoor sessions but no pets are allowed in the studio. Thank you for respecting the rules.

DSC_5597 colalge web

Will I get professional hair and makeup done at my Maternity Session?

Our basic maternity session does not include hair and makeup services. If you’d like to book a professional makeup artist and hair stylist for your session it will be for an extra fee and you would have to arrive 1.5 hours before your scheduled session. We have a great team that we work with that you can inquire about prior to your session. If you are looking for something more simple you can do your own hair and makeup, just make sure you arrive all ready.


These are some the most frequent questions that I get asked all the time. If you have another question or concern that is not mentioned here I will be happy to address it. You can send me an email to and I’ll do my best to help out.

Looking forward to starting this journey with you.

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