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Newborn Photo session Vancouver – Baby Ben

This photo session was perfect by all means. The parents were very relaxed and excited. Even though it was only 7 days after delivery and mom didn’t have the smoothest labour, they were happy to come to the studio and create these unforgettable memories. Baby Ben was one of the best babies I’ve photographed. He was very cooperative, slept almost through the whole session and we were able to get everything done sooner than usual!


I really want to emphasize the importance of doing a newborn session sooner than later. It might be difficult to get of the house that early, but when you see the results, it’s so much worth it. When you do the session in the first week or so, we are able to keep baby asleep for the most part. Babies are easier to pose when they’re sleeping, so the cute little poses that you’ve been saving on your Pintrest, we can take them only if baby is sleeping. Once they’re awake we can still get nice images with open eyes, but we might not be able to do most of the cute poses ( babies don’t like to stay on their belly, they move a lot, they like their hands in their mouth, etc.) The bigger and older the babies are, the more difficult to get them to pose the way we want for photos. I definitely recommend that if you are able to move around and get out of the house, book the session for the first week.


Here is some of our favourite shots from baby Ben with all his different expressions: