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Newborns by Aida – Jaana’s Birthday Session – Jericho Beach Park

As a photographer you have to always be prepared, to improvise. Some shoots just don’t go the way you’ve planned and you have to always be ready to make the best of what you are presented with.

I definitely had to challenge myself during this birthday shoot we had with this lovely family. We were all very excited and we had spent so much time planning and organizing and deciding on the right time for the perfect golden hour. But things don’t always go according to plan! Do they? We had to start the session later than we had planned and the perfect light was gone. So I had to be really quick with everything, we were running to different sections of the park, fixing the cake, carrying the balloons and figuring out the right camera settings and positioning of the subjects.

But Jaana was the sweetest little girl and when you have a model who cooperates perfectly you just forget about all the difficulties and focus on her. My goal was to produce memorable photos for the family so that they can cherish Jaana’s 2nd birthday forever no matter what the circumstances were. And with everyones’s help we could achieve that.

We all had a good time and photos turned out great!

Looking forward to photographing her for her next birthday.