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In-home Life Style Newborn Session – Baby J – Newborns by Aida

I just love doing in-home sessions! This gorgeous mom originally wanted to do a studio session but things got busy and we never set up a date for a newborn session. When she called me back after a month to do an in-home session I was very excited to be able to fit her in the schedule.

I explained how this session will be more like a life style session and it’s a perfect way to tell their family’s story. She was on board with my ideas. Baby J was 1 month old and doing the usual newborn posing would not be a great idea. So instead we worked around baby’s natural poses, bundling him, dressing him and placing him in his everyday environment. We got beautiful shots of baby and parents using natural light and the comfort of their home. Their two puppies were very fun to work with as well. The nursery didn’t have natural light so we ended up taking most of our shots in the parents’ bedroom. Baby J was very cooperative and I got to capture some memorable moments for his lovely family to cherish forever.

If your baby is more than 2 weeks old and you’d like to capture these moments without the hassle of forcing baby into poses that he/she is not comfortable in anymore, a life style session is your answer! You just have to make sure that your home gets lots of natural light. It’s best to consult with your photographer. Some time we think we get lots of light through our windows but it might not be an enough source for creating beautiful photographs.

I hope you enjoy these images. You can contact me for more info on in-home life style sessions.