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What to expect from my Maternity Photo Session & how to prepare for it?

“What to expect from my Maternity Photo Session  &  How to prepare for it”

Newborns by Aida

Hello to all you beautiful women waiting to be a glowing mama. I’m writing this post to go over some guidelines for the best way to get ready for your maternity session and to hopefully take some of the pressure off your shoulders and help you look forward to this day instead of dreading it!

First off I cannot stress enough that this day is about YOU. It’s about you feeling gorgeous and beautiful and strong, so we want everything to be your way. You are about to become a mom, either for the first time or for the second or third time, and you have booked this session to treat yourself to a nice photo shoot where you and your cute belly are the stars. We want you to shine and be comfortable and embrace all the beauty that comes with becoming a mom. And it starts with that stylish bump of yours. So my first tip to you is not to be afraid to discuss with your photographer what your expectations are from maternity shoot. Have some sample pictures ready and tell your photographer what you want and how you feel most comfortable. If you’re not comfortable showing your belly we don’t have to show your belly. If you’re not a dress person we can take some fabulous shots with casual clothes. If you want flowers, we can arrange to have flowers… Whatever it is you want. we can make it happen because this photo shoot is about you. Now let’s get into some details:

When is the best time to schedule a Maternity Shoot?

There is no definite answer for this question. The maternity session is usually done between 34-36 weeks, when you can notice the belly but it’s not too close to the due date that we might miss the chance if baby decides to come early! Having said that, the date is really based on what you feel most comfortable with and how big your belly is. Some people want to show their big big belly so they schedule it closer to 36-37 weeks, and some moms like to keep the belly subtle and do the shoot while they’re still slim, then you can book it for 35-36 weeks.

How far in advanced should I book my Maternity Photo session?

The sooner you let us know the better. Even though a maternity session is not as time sensitive as a newborn session, it’s best to book it well in advanced because it is also more predictable. Once you know your due date you should be able to decide on the date for your maternity session, so why waste time and risk the chance of getting the date you want? Booking 2-3 months in advance is the ideal time to make sure you have a spot with me.

What is the best location for a Maternity Session?

I offer both in studio and on location photography so you’ve got two options. But I personally prefer on location shoots if the weather is not an issue.

On location means that we would pick a nice location like a park or a beach of your choice to do the session at. Depending on the time of the year we can come up with the best natural scene that suits your style. My personal choices are often Jericho Park and Stanley Park where you can take advantage of a green background as well as the blue ocean. Please note that if you’re doing an on location session the best time to schedule it is close to sunset for the nicest ambient natural light.

The other choice would be taking the pictures in the studio. I recommend this option for Very cold or rainy weather or moms who are not comfortable posing with their belly in the public. The photos will be more simple and minimalistic than the outdoor shots but no less beautiful.


What should I wear to my Maternity Photo shoot?

I usually recommend two sets of styles for your photo session, that way you can get a variety of shots to choose from later. You are spending the time and money on this, might as well get some different outfits and feel like a real super star, right?

With your session you will have access to our elegant maternity gowns (colours and styles might be limited so check with photographer before hands). You are more than welcome to bring your own outfits too. I would suggest using one of our gowns and then bringing one outfit of your own that you like. Just keep in mind that we want to show your belly as much as we can, so anything tight is preferable. Some examples are:

  • Jeans and button up shirt (we can leave some buttons open around your belly
  • Jeans and a tight top
  • Any type of tight maxi dress
  • Any length tight dress (lace is preferable)
  • Bralette and a skirt (tutu style is very cute)
  • Warm winter tight sweater or dress with leggings for cold weather
  • Any lace coverups or kimonos
  • Or we can just use a white blanket to cover some bod parts

Make sure you have a strapless bra with you and a couple of underwear ( one seamless to be invisible under dresses and one boy short for under sheer dresses or skirts). Keeping undergarment colour to nude and beige is the best idea.

If the session is outside you should bring comfortable flat shoes to walk in and you can bring an extra pair of heels for your photos if you’re wearing a short skirt. Boots look great for winter shots. If you’re having a studio session just bring one pair of clean heels in case we do a full body shot and you don’t like to be bare feet in the photos.

If you have your partner or other kids joining you in the photos it’s always a great idea to colour coordinate the whole family. Wearing the same colour theme outfits will give a nice look to your photos and emphasize the sense of family love.

DSC_5673 web

How long does a Maternity Session usually last?

At Aida Miri Photography the Maternity session is offered for 1 hour. An hour is more than enough to get all the variety of shots that we want. Make sure to arrive on time for your session. Each client gets their scheduled 1 hour so if you arrive 15 minutes late then your session will have to be done in 45 minutes and we hate to cut your session short. So please plan ahead and make sure you arrive at the right time. We will do different poses and use various props so you have a good selection to choose from.

What kind of props/accessories should I bring to my Maternity Session?

This is where we can get creative. You can discuss this with your photographer prior to the session to make sure you have everything. You can bring any props that you would like to include in your photos (i.e. flowers, flower crowns, balloons, signs, etc.) It is always a good idea to bring a chalk board to write some cute quotes or phrases on. Or any pre-made signs saying “baby boy/girl”, “expecting soon” of “family love”. If you have a picture of your latest sonogram bring it along. Also if you have a couple of clothing articles for your newborn they always look cute in the photos, for example, little shoes, hats or dresses.

Make sure to wear your wedding rings (if they fit you), and Do not forget to do your nails. We will be taking a lot of closeup shots and almost all the photos will have your hand on your belly and we want your fingers to look perfect. You can match your nail polish with your outfit colour for the best look.

PHT_42472 copy

Who should I bring to my Maternity Session?

Baby’s dad is always welcomed to the photo session. If you decide to bring your partner to the session we will take some photos of both of you and some photos of mom alone. If you have another kid(s) you can most definitely bring them to the photo session and I promise the result will be amazing. If you’re doing this on your own you are more than welcome to bring someone to accompany you, (your sister or a friend). But if you are coming with your partner please keep it to your immediate family as we want to keep the session to minimum number of people for maximum comfort, especially in the studio were things get a bit tight. Dogs are welcomed in outdoor sessions but no pets are allowed in the studio. Thank you for respecting the rules.

DSC_5597 colalge web

Will I get professional hair and makeup done at my Maternity Session?

Our basic maternity session does not include hair and makeup services. If you’d like to book a professional makeup artist and hair stylist for your session it will be for an extra fee and you would have to arrive 1.5 hours before your scheduled session. We have a great team that we work with that you can inquire about prior to your session. If you are looking for something more simple you can do your own hair and makeup, just make sure you arrive all ready.


These are some the most frequent questions that I get asked all the time. If you have another question or concern that is not mentioned here I will be happy to address it. You can send me an email to and I’ll do my best to help out.

Looking forward to starting this journey with you.

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Family Photo session in Stanley Park

Stanley Park is one of my favourite places to photograph and when I heard baby Lukas and his family love outdoors and the West Coast, it seemed like the perfect location. They were celebrating Lukas’ fourth month in this beautiful world and what a better way than a fun photo session out in the wilderness! We had the date set and everything was planned up until the actual day when it started raining cats and dogs! Canceling was not an option just because we were all super excited about the day and we could not think about having to wait longer for the photos to be done.  So with the help of a couple of umbrellas and the super helpful mom and dad we made it happen, and let me tell you, it was very rewarding.

I got to capture some beautiful moments on this day. Mom and dad were very patient and they were up to any challenge. They were very good at listening to all my requests for where to be and how to pose. All of us were cold and had red noses, but the warmth of the love in this family was what kept the session going and allowed me to create these lovely images. The session was all smiles (except a few moments where Lukas didn’t seem too impressed with the cold situation). We laughed, sighed, got drenched and Lukas cried in the end, but the result was all worth it. I am very glad we got to do it. Rain or shine, the photo sessions must go on in this city of ours.

Here is a selection of our favourite photos from the day


Newborns by Aida – Jaana’s Birthday Session – Jericho Beach Park

As a photographer you have to always be prepared, to improvise. Some shoots just don’t go the way you’ve planned and you have to always be ready to make the best of what you are presented with.

I definitely had to challenge myself during this birthday shoot we had with this lovely family. We were all very excited and we had spent so much time planning and organizing and deciding on the right time for the perfect golden hour. But things don’t always go according to plan! Do they? We had to start the session later than we had planned and the perfect light was gone. So I had to be really quick with everything, we were running to different sections of the park, fixing the cake, carrying the balloons and figuring out the right camera settings and positioning of the subjects.

But Jaana was the sweetest little girl and when you have a model who cooperates perfectly you just forget about all the difficulties and focus on her. My goal was to produce memorable photos for the family so that they can cherish Jaana’s 2nd birthday forever no matter what the circumstances were. And with everyones’s help we could achieve that.

We all had a good time and photos turned out great!

Looking forward to photographing her for her next birthday.




Newborns by Aida – Newborn Session for Baby Rose

Baby Rose was a true angel! This newborn session was very special to me. I first met the parents last year when I was the second photographer at their wedding. They were a gorgeous couple and their wedding was a fantastic day. When I realized she was pregnant with a baby girl I was very excited to see her again after a year. We had a great date at the park on a lovely sunny day. We chatted and caught up as I took her maternity photos ( those require a separate blog post! ) I could not wait to meet this little girl of theirs, and the day I did meet her was a very emotional day for me. It is very rewarding to be a part of such a great journey as a photographer. To witness the magical love of this couple flourish into a little, cute angel named Rose is all I could ask for. When mom asked to bring her wedding gown to include in the newborn photos I agreed without hesitation. It was a brilliant idea and the result was the most beautiful thing.

I feel truly blessed to be able to be a part of different stages of my clients’ life and achievements by being a versatile photographer. I can’t wait to have baby Rose back in the studio for her 1 year birthday!




Newborns by Aida – Maternity Session in White Rock

This was the perfect maternity session! Mom to be was very excited and took every one of my suggestions to the next level. She wanted to make the outfits herself and we were both worried about them turning out, but the result was perfect! Can you believe she made these gowns herself?! With her great sense of style she added matching accessories to each look. I mean who needs a stylist when your model is this good!

The weather was great and both mom and dad (to be) were full of new ideas and open to trying different locations. This was my first time shooting in White Rock, and I’m definitely going back.



Here is our Valentine collaboration with Katie Keough from Key Models Management. She looks stunning in the lingerie pieces from La Vie En Rose! Beloved.


_PHT7849- beloved_hr








Bird of Night


I’m so excited to announce that our recent editorial was published by Ellements Magazine in NY. I had a great, talented team and enjoyed working with everyone of them. Here are a few of our favourite shots from the series.

Model: Cheyenne Smith , Hair and Make up: Olga Blom



Look 3_3

Look 4_3


Look 4_1

Look 3_2


Winter Bloom


It was a cold, foggy January day, but no rain! So we got together with this gorgeous girl and did this quick winter shoot. This is as close as we got to snow this year in Vancouver.

_PHT4598 _ action 14




Wool, lamb and wilderness


I have been meaning to do this post for a while now. This editorial shoot dates back to the spring of this year when Sara Gheydy had just finished her final pieces for Blanche Macdonald’s Spring 2015 graduate show. I am so glad I got to be a part of her amazing journey and see her designs flourish from the initial sketches to the final garments. Here is a little bit about Sara’s ideas behind the creative process in her own words.





“My inspiration came from the Middle East, with a focus on Iran. In the south of Iran, they use Mongolian Lamb’s wool in clothing and hats. I centered my collection around this material, imagining and playing with design elements to highlight the wool during my time sketching. I am attracted to fabric; I always buy my fabric first, and my process is then inspired by the chosen  material. ” 





_PHT8744 raspberry





Angels Bride

Once in a while,

angels gather together, pick one of the beauties among them,

dress her up and send her to earth,

as a bride